One of the most challenging and rewarding facets of pharmacy practice is veterinary compounding. While the majority of veterinary medications are dispensed directly from veterinarian's offices, some drugs that are manufactured are available only in limited strengths and dosage forms. The commercially available preparations may not offer the best choice for all individual species. In such cases, the services of an experienced compounding pharmacist are invaluable. Compounding allows for custom dosage forms that may be individualized to suit each pet's particular preferences and easier for an owner to administer, thus increasing compliance.

Flavoring for animals can be difficult, and successful administration depends on the characteristics of the drug. Many pharmacists have found that oral dosage forms with tuna or sardine work well for cats, while many dogs prefer beef, liver, and chicken flavors. Sweet, fruity flavors often work best for birds, and vegetable bases or berry are best for rabbits.

One of the challenges of veterinary compounding is finding a dosage form and a vehicle suitable for each individual animal. Cats can pose a particular challenge for administration of medicines, as most cat owners will agree. Sometimes oral dosage forms aren't an acceptable option. Some medications for cats can be incorporated into transdermal gels that are applied to the inside flap of the ear, minimizing the stress for both owner and pet.

Examples of commonly compounded preparations include:

  • Sterile injections
  • Creams, ointments and lotions
  • Flavored capsules to be sprinkled on food
  • Ophthalmic preparations
  • Commercially unavailable medications
  • Sugar free formulations
  • Transdermal gels
  • Chewable flavored treats
  • Otic solutions and suspensions
  • Rectal suppositories and gels
  • Medication combinations

For a compounding pharmacist, there is no greater satisfaction than the grateful pet owner's call to thank you for helping them and their sick pet by creating a solution they could both live with. Should the need for custom medications arise, please give one of our compounding pharmacists a call with any questions you may have. Whatever medication challenges you are having, our skilled specialists are ready to help.  Email Kim our compounding pharmacist.

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