BioG MicroTabs Practitioner Account Access

Discover the next generation of nutritional supplementation: BioG MicroTabs Advanced Nutritional Supplement Delivery System.

BioG MicroTabs


BioG MicroTabs Benefits & Overview:

  • No need to purchase multiple nutritional supplements (much more cost effective).
  • Easy to swallow, easy to take with a small measuring spoon. Neutral taste.
  • Improved transport and absorption through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Every MicroTab is exactly 2mm in diameter and height.
  • Every MicroTab contains an exact amount of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Mono- and multi-compounds combined in one MicroTab.
  • Preservative, Lactose, and Gluten-Free.
  • Made in Germany according to strict European pharmaceutical quality standards (cGMP).
  • Only available in the U.S. through select compounding pharmacies.


Colonia Natural Pharmacy is proud to offer BioG MicroTabs.  Developed by a German company, Biogenerics™ and distributed through ROEHR Pharmaceuticals, these nutritional blends are made using small cylinders of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional ingredients.  BioG MicroTabs allow for easy mixing and exact dosing of multiple nutritional ingredient blocks (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, amino acids, etc.) based on the individual needs of each patient.


Step One: Account Set-Up and “Limited Access” Website Exploration. (No obligation required.)

Click on the link below to set-up your BioG MicroTabs Account to have access to health professional information on the ROEHR Pharmaceuticals website. You will receive an automated email that your form has been received.

We will verify your health professional status and activate your account. We may contact you via phone or email for additional information.

Once verified, you will receive a second email that your account has been activated with “limited access”.

At this point you will be able to:

  • Access “Health Professional Only” information including PDF downloads (BioG MicroTabs Ingredient Product Catalog, ROEHR Health Professional Brochure, Health Professional FAQs.
  • Download, review, and sign the ROEHR Pharmaceuticals Health Professional Agreement. (Required for full website access.)
  • Review features of the ROEHR Pharmaceuticals proprietary software.
  • Access BioG MicroTabs Ingredient Monographs.

Step Two: Submit A Signed ROEHR Pharmaceuticals Health Professional Agreement For Full BioG MicroTabs Website Access
ROEHR Pharmaceuticals requires that we receive a signed Health Professional Agreement (via email or fax) prior to granting full-access to their interactive website.

After your initial account set-up, you will receive an email granting you “limited” access to the website. The ROEHR Pharmaceuticals Health Professional Agreement will be available for download via a link in that email.

Once we receive your signed ROEHR Pharmaceuticals Health Professional Agreement, we will grant you full access to the ROEHR BioG MicroTabs website.

This second step will complete the “Creating Your Free Account” process. You will receive a third email confirming that you have successfully created your ROEHR account and have full access to their website.

With your ROEHR account fully activated, you will:

  • Have access to all software, including the BioG MicroTabs Blend Formulator.
  • Be able to order all BioG MicroTabs blends.
  • Be able to have private labeling on all products. 

Click One of the Links Below To Either Register For Your Free ROEHR BioG MicroTabs Account, or Login To Your Account.

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